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A brief introduction

Companies can search for notices using the "Notices" module of the "Vergabemarktplatz." The 20 most recent publications can be found on the landing page.

There are various ways to find interesting public tendering procedures published on the "Vergabemarktplatz". Companies can either browse through the various categories, use a quick key word search or an advanced search functionality. The latter enables the user to filter all publications by type, region and other specifics.

The easiest way to find interesting tendering procedures for your company is to use the "Notification services". After defining a personalized "Search profile", the user can choose to be informed about new publications via e-mail. In case of publications matching the companies search criteria, these e-mails are automatically sent by the "Vergabemarktplatz" on a daily basis.

The search profiles used for this service also help to easily identify publications after logging in at the "Vergabemarktplatz" as the most recent publications fitting the companies criteria are displayed on the landing page. To get the most out of this feature users can define a limitless number of search profiles, ensuring an easy research of new publications.

After finding an interesting notice the company can get direct access to the tender documents or send a request to join the tendering procedure. The projects are handled in so called "Project rooms" where tender documents can be downloaded, companies can communicate with the contracting authorities or even submit electronic tenders.

In addition to public tendering procedures, public authorities can also invite suitable companies to take part in restricted procedures. After accepting an invitation the corresponding project can be found at the module “Joining” and from this point the project provides the same functionalities mentioned at the section above.

Getting access to a project rooms does not place any obligation upon the company to actively take part in the tendering process. When a company wants to submit a tender it can use the "Bietertool" which is free of charge.

By the way: Menu items are named as modules in the "Vergabemarktplatz."

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