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After clicking the "Registrierung" button, the user will be led through the registration process in a few easy steps, which will usually not take longer than a total of five minutes.

On the first page information about the registration process is provided. All that is necessary, is to follow these three quick steps:

  • Fill in the registration form to provide your company and user data.
  • Confirm your registration.
  • Login to the "Vergabemarktplatz" and start your research for interesting tenders immediately.

A click on the "Weiter" button will start the process.

First of all, the company data has to be provided. Please make sure to fill in all mandatory fields. They are marked with an asterisk. Please note that the e-mail address used in this section should usually be a general company address as the address will, for example, be used to invite the company to a restricted tender.

Adding information about a "Präqualifizierung" (pre-qualification) of your company is not mandatory. If you do not have a pre-qualification code skip this step to continue with your registration, using the "Weiter" button. A pre-qualification is not needed to research or participate in public tenders.

Under "Branche" (branch, sector) you can select the sectors your company offers goods and/or services. Here the "Vergabemarktplatz" uses the categories provided by the EU's common procurement vocabulary (CPV-Code). These categories can help shape your companies' profile for researching public authorities. Categories can be added using the "Kategorien bearbeiten" button. You can either browse the tree-like catalog or use the key word search. Please note that the "Vergabemarktplatz" only uses the German version of the CPV-code. Therefore it might be easier for interested companies to search for the numeric code rather than key words.

Adding CPV-categories to your company profile is not mandatory to participate in public tenders. Categories can also be added to your profile at any time after the registration is complete. To proceed to the next step in the registration process please click the "Weiter" button.

In the next step the user will be asked to provide some personal information. First name, last name, as well as an e-mail address are mandatory fields as indicated by the asterisk. This e-mail address will serve as the login. Click the "Weiter" button to continue the process.

Before finalizing the registration, the user will be asked to check the provided information. Please make sure that especially the e-mail addresses are spelled correctly. Please also read and accept the terms and conditions before clicking "Registrierung abschließen."

Login information will automatically send to the user's e-mail address. The first login after registration completes the process. We strongly recommend to change the initial password after the first login. You can do so in the section called "Eigene Daten" of the "Vergabemarktplatz."

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