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For a more individual information of current publications, search profiles can be set. According to the parameters set by the user the "Vergabemarktplatz" will filter all current publications. The results can, for example, be used for notification services as well as the welcome page after login. The number of search profiles for each company is not limited. Each user within the company account can define an own set of profiles. Already existing profiles can be edited and/or deleted using the appropriate functions from the "Aktion" column.

Screenshot: Übersicht Modul "Suchprofile"


Add search profile

menu:Verwaltung › Suchprofile
  1. To add a new search profile, click the "Suchprofil hinzufügen" button (see number 3 in screenshot "Übersicht Modul Suchprofile").
    Hierdurch wird der Suchprofil-Assistent geöffnet, mit dem Suchprofile angelegt werden können.

  2. Enter a name for the profile ("Profilbezeichnung") (see number 1 in screenshot "Suchprofile anlegen").

  3. Define the search criteria (see numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in screenshot "Suchprofile anlegen").
    Please enter at least one keyword ("Suchbegriff"). Use the additional filters (e.g. CPV-categories ("Auftragsgegenstand"), regulation on the awarding of contracts ("Vergabeordnung"), type of publication ("Veröffentlichungstyp") and/or EU-/national publication("Veröffentlichungsweite")).

  4. Click "Speichern anklicken" to save the profile (see number 7 in Screenshot "Suchprofile anlegen").

Screenshot: Suchprofile anlegen


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